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At TARA Collections, our designer Tara has over 40 years of experience in sewing and 35 years of experience in designing handmade jewelry, handbags, and journals. With degrees in Fashion Design and Computer Aided Design and Drafting, Tara has extensive knowledge and experience in shoemaking, handbag design, hand & machine knitting, hand & machine weaving, couture sewing, quilting, etc. This wide range of skills and knowledge allows us to offer high-quality and unique products to our clients.


TARA Collections is the perfect destination for those who love elegant and classic handcrafted jewelry, handbags and journals. My passion for creating beautiful and timeless pieces is the driving force behind my work. I put my heart into every design and use only the finest materials to ensure the highest quality product. With an eye for detail and a love for my craft, I create collections that will complement your sophisticated style.

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